Simulation Services

Semiconductor Device Simulation:

With Silvacos VIRTUAL WAFER FAB we’re able to simulate:

  • HBT-
  • HEMT-

devices with advanced materials (SiGe, GaAs, GaN or other ternary and quaternary materials). A direct impact of layer-, recess- or other modifications to the device behavior thus can easily be made visible.

Simulation Input:
Detailled device structure including (recess) dimensions, layer structure and doping profile.

Simulation Output:
Input/output characteristics
contour plots, e.g.

Net Doping
Net Doping
Electron Concentration
Electron Concentration
Current Density
Current Density

or e-field, hole concentration, potential from various working points.

Further analysis:

  • Cutlines (e.g. band parameters).
  • DC-analysis (e.g. threshold voltage, transconductance, subthreshold voltage).
  • AC-analysis (e.g. ft, fmax, S-parameters).
  • Transient analysis

Available models:

A wide range of numerous models for all these materials are (among others) available, e.g.:

  • Fermi-Dirac and Boltzmann statistics
  • Drift-diffusion transport models
  • Energy balance transport models (velocity overshoot is included)
  • Field- and doping dependend mobility
  • Graded and abrupt heterojunctions
  • Bandgap Narrowing and high doping effects
  • Shockley-Read-Hall, Auger-and surface recombination
  • Hot carrier effects

For more detailled information about SiGe hetero-FET device simulation see our Solid State Technology-publication “New approaches to a simulation-assisted design and process development” (Vol. 40, Issue 3)

CADwalk offers wireless acceleration, vibration, and leveling sensor systems. CADwalk also offers semiconductor device simulation as services.